Haaridee is here for men and women!

Haaridee: a Trinity Partnersalon and especially for men also an Official Tailor's Partnersalon. Haaridee has a lot to offer.


The salon

A lot of attention has been paid to the ambiance to be able to work comfortably and where you as a client can enjoy your moment for yourself. We deliberately work by appointment to avoid waiting times and to create a quiet atmosphere.


Some people appear overexcited after Covid 19. Then, for example, the choice can be made to turn off the music. For this group of people this private salon is also very suitable.


Haaridee: a cozy small private salon where there is room for a moment for yourself and where your hair is professionally treated by an experienced All Round Hairstylist. With passion for quality and an eye for every detail, your hair is treated. Because hair should not only be technically well cut it should also fall well, fit the face and the person. We use many different cutting and / or cutting techniques to the latest trends. At Haaridee you always have the same hairstylist.


Haaridee is more than just a cutting treatment. You get honest advice and the possibilities of your hairidee are carefully discussed. Haaridee also means care for your hair, scalp and hair structure. Possibilities to improve the hair or scalp are considered. Think of itching, flaking or hair loss. More is often possible with the professional high quality products of Trinity Haircare and Tailor's.


Because we are a partner salon we also stay informed of the latest trends, cutting and coloring techniques. At Haaridee you can also go with thin hair that breaks easily and therefore does not want to grow longer. For this problem Triniforce Fiber Thickener and / or a Keratin treatment is the solution. This treatment makes the hair firmer and fuller.


As a supplement and support at home, we sell good professional products from top brands such as: Trinity Haircare, Tailor's and especially for curly hair Trinity Curl Series. These are concentrated products at an affordable price, more economical in use and your hair feels also good all day or several days!  

These products contain no mess, are not animal-tested, are non-greasy, do not weigh you down or stick so you don't have to wash it as much which is better for scalp and hair.


We are available 24 hours a day on WhatsApp or email to make an appointment.


Open by appointment.

Closed on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.